Teito taisen Subtitles

Teito taisen subtitles
Actor: Masaya Katô, Takeshi Kusaka, Kaho Minami, Naoko Nozawa
The year is 1945. After the horrific fire-bombings of the Pacific War levels Japan to the ground, the government decides to consult spiritual psychics to aid them in winning the war. Unfortunately, the resentment and agony of the souls of the fire-bombing victims culminate together to revive the evil Onmyoji, Yasunori Kato. Only a young, psychically imbued apprentice of the priests will dare fight against the evil magic user. However, can this lone man possibly contend with Kato's overwhelming power?
  • Japanese Language:
  • tt0144636 IMDB code:
  • 15 Sep 1989 Released:
  • Hiroshi Aramata (novel), Kaizô HayashiWriter:
  • Takashige IchiseDirector:

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