The Onion Movie Subtitles

The Onion Movie subtitles
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Actor: Daniel Chacón, Ken Takemoto, Steven Seagal, Don McManus
We watch the Onion News, America's Finest News Source, with Dana Dobbs, Senior Correspondent Kip Kendall, and award-winning anchor Norm Archer. In addition to watching the news, we see the program's commercials, some commentary on the film as it proceeds, and we watch some terrorists in training. Behind the scenes, Onion News's corporate owner, Global Tetrahedron, seeks synergy by promoting its other products within Norm's news broadcast. Norm doesn't like it, especially when a toy penguin (think Energizer Bunny) waddles across his desk promoting a Global Tetrahedron film starring Steven Seagal. But Norm may end up needing Steven's help.
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  • 07 Jan 2008 Released:
  • 2020-11-13 16:25:24 Date Updated:
  • Todd Hanson, Robert SiegelWriter:
  • Tom Kuntz, Mike MaguireDirector:

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